*giggle* She's so cool! (modestmoiska) wrote in pedestal,
*giggle* She's so cool!

i heart Isaac Brock

hey, i just stumbled upon this community... it seems interesting, i just wish more people would post... and i wish that they would explain a little more why they put the people on pedestals that they do, instead of just listing. include some pics, too! i'll try to explain briefly my ultimate pedestal-boy: isaac brock.

Isaac Brock sings from a band outta my home state of Washington. Washington boys are crazy, creative, intellectual sleazeballs, and Isaac aint no exception. but i am saying this in a good way. i like sleazy garage rocker boys from Washington.

The music he makes is amazing... oh man, he plays guitar with his fuckin teeth! such an awesome guy. here's one of my favourite pics of Isaac smokin' and doin' the Robot:

hot damn! he's such a pimp.

anyone else here heard of this boy or is he all mine? ;)
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